Deviations: Bloodlines

Deviations: Bloodlines


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Deviations: Bloodlines by Elissa Malcohn







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Deviations: Bloodlines


(1 Review)
Destiny Farm has fallen. Promontory's people must hunt down the escaped "Farm Yata" or starve, but they must also integrate with the Skedge Yata or their industries will fail. Their very independence relies on dangerous compromises. Enter Jirado, a Skedge Yata and valued employee of the now-destroyed Destiny factory. Her kin, captured by the Farm before its fall, might yet be alive. But they are at risk unless she can destroy Promontory's hunters. The drive toward integration gives her an opening she cannot resist, and her first target is TripStone.

Book Excerpt

ook's boots thumped against large, carved steps. Ahead of him Izzik dropped down the bluff, grasping iron hooks pounded into the stone.

The youth's knotted shirt flapped around his waist. Muscles jumped around bare scapulae and white lines drawn by battle scars.

More carnage waited in the woods as they negotiated an old smuggling route, brushing aside strips of pelt snagged on tree limbs. Remnants of Yata and the nutrients they contained were gone, too precious to leave behind. HigherBrook idly counted Masari remains ripening against the ground.

Izzik squatted by a naked body, waving off flies and slipping a knife from his belt. "I promised Ghost a sample," he offered.

"What could Ghost possibly want from a dead Masari?"

"He didn't say."

The Yata shrugged off his pack and drew out sheets of oiled tent canvas, preservatives, vials. HigherBrook held his lantern closer and wrinkled his nose, cataloging the decay. He shooed vermin away from pooled blood.

Later they

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Bloodlines, the lastest in the Deviations series, continues the riveting, intertwined tale of two sentient species: the Masari and the Yata, the latter upon which the Masari must feed in order to survive. To say this basic premise gives rise to a read that is intriguing and alluringly complex is an understatement.

If you're looking for a tale that clearly defines good guys and bad guys, this is not your read. But if you're looking for a story filled with immense heart, rich character development, vivid world building and -oh, by the way- is nothing short of great, old fashioned storytelling, you cannot do better than Malcohn's "Deviations" series.