An Iron Will

An Iron Will


(4 Reviews)
An Iron Will by Abner Bayley, Orison Swett Marden







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An Iron Will


(4 Reviews)
In respect to mere mundane relations, the development and discipline of one's will-power is of supreme moment in relation to success in life. No man can ever estimate the power of will. It is a part of the divine nature, all of a piece with the power of creation.

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veloped and brought forth, like the culture of that obstinate but beautiful flower, the orchid. To allow it to remain dormant is to place one's self in obscurity, to trample on one's ambition, to smother one's faculties. To develop it is to individualize all that is best within you, and give it to the world. It is by an absolute knowledge of yourself, the proper estimate of your own value."

"There is hardly a reader," says an experienced educator, "who will not be able to recall the early life of at least one young man whose childhood was spent in poverty, and who, in boyhood, expressed a firm desire to secure a higher education. If, a little later, that desire became a declared resolve, soon the avenues opened to that end. That desire and resolve created an atmosphere which attracted the forces necessary to the attainment of the purpose. Many of these young men will tell us that, as long as they were hoping and striving and longing, mountains of difficulty rose before them; but that when they fashione


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the thing about best seller books is that they are loved by masses and if you have been focus on self growth you very soon realise that most best sellers have similar intermediate level content. thats when you start looking for books with deep content which would obviously not be best sellers, books which arent very well known.
I was at a similar stage in my 20s and found this book by luck when researching about will power.
when i read a few pages I found that author had mentioned same phenomenons and laws which i have experienced myself. instantly understood the value of this book.

If you are a beginner or on any higher level on the path of self improvement and growth then this book is a must read.
A good book that promotes strength of will power to overcome all obstacles. All individuals experience a certain level of difficulties in their lives and the author from experience of others has learned that will power can overcome these. Will power and persistence is the key.
Greg B.
I am a heavy reader of what are known as self-help books and over the years, I have become cynical about the value of most of them. I'm glad to say that Orison Swett Marden's An Iron Will is a delightful exception.

Orison Swett Marden (1850-1924) was a prolific writer of self-help books and articles as well as the first editor of Success Magazine which is still being published today.

An Iron Will is a short encouraging work that, though expectantly dated in its examples, is a wonderful book for those of us dealing with a world that finds itself in dramatic transition.

We need not be sheep, but we can craft our own future in spite of those who, out of misplaced altruism or a desire to control, wish to restructure and design it for us.

Kudos to ManyBooks for resurrecting this treasure and my personal hope is that eventually all of Marden's works will be made available.

Craig Alan Loewen