The Deadly Daughters

The Deadly Daughters


(3 Reviews)
The Deadly Daughters by Winston K. Marks





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The Deadly Daughters


(3 Reviews)
These gorgeous fanatics were equally at home with men, murder, or matrimony, and they used all three with amazing success.

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"Exactly what do you imply when you call the Humanist Party a group of feminists?" the young man asked, encouraged.

Long's gaze swept out, noting the mild amusement on the faces of the men students, the growing annoyance in the women. He fixed the reporter for the campus paper with a level stare. "I suppose you feel that because only 30 percent of our legislatures are women, that men still dominate Congress?"

"I think that is the popular conception," the reporter said in a patronizing tone.

"Then think again, young man. Analyze the composition of the Senate and House, and break down the key committee appointments by sexes. You will find three-fourths of these posts held by women, and the balance are held by men whose wives are members of the top-level Humanist Party movement. I say to you that our whole nation is dominated by a handful of female fanatics to whom intellectual integrity is unknown."

"What are your indictments? Please

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Professor Long startles his students and the press by announcing to the world that a highly organized band of feminists are manipulating the U.S. government and seeking to control the world. (This being true,) the feminists send out one of their goon squads to silence the professor for good.

A peculiar story, that shares more with 19th century anti-suffragette propaganda than modern reality. The characters are a bit thin, the descriptions are good enough, but the plot is unbelievable.