The Water Eater

The Water Eater


(2 Reviews)
The Water Eater by Winston K. Marks





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The Water Eater


(2 Reviews)
Most experiments were dropped because they failed—and some because they worked too well!

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e was no surface tension, which reminded me that part of this mixture was made of detergent.

But had I created a new form of life? Like Lottie said, was it really alive? Certainly it could reproduce itself. It had brains enough to know the direction of more water, like when it took off after me on the table.

Not long ago, there was this important physicist who wrote about how life probably got started away back when the Earth was just forming. He argued that special creation was more or less a lot of hogwash, and that what actually took place was that as the Earth cooled, all the hot chemicals mixing around sort of stumbled onto a combination or two that took on the first characteristics of life.

In other words, this guy left off where Mr. Darwin began his theory of evolution.

Now me, I don't know. Lottie makes me go to church with the kids every Sunday and I like it. If this chemical theory about life getting started is right--well, then, a lot of people got the wrong idea about t

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A brewery truck driver experiments with making a super detergent and ends up creating a substance that lives to absorb water. A mildly funny story, very well written; kind of a blue-collar version of Frankenstein.
What happens when you accidentally create a being that eats water?

Reminded me of a lighthearted version of The Blob with the being eating water instead of people. Would have been a good Twilight Zone or Outer Limits episode.