Breeder Reaction

Breeder Reaction


(6 Reviews)
Breeder Reaction by Winston K. Marks





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Breeder Reaction


(6 Reviews)
The remarkable thing about Atummyc Afterbath Dusting Powder was that it gave you that lovely, radiant, atomic look—just the way the advertisements said it would. In fact, it also gave you a little something more!

Book Excerpt

" the pixie said.

She stared at us and clenched her fists and beat on the shiny table. "You've got to believe me! There just isn't any other answer. Atummion is responsible for my condition, and all twelve doctors agreed on my condition."

Still standing, Madame Elaine Templeton grabbed the back of her chair until her knuckles turned white. "Don't tell me the stuff brings on hives or something!"

The pixie threw back her head and a near-hysterical laugh throbbed from her lovely throat. "Hives, hell. I'm pregnant!"

* * * * *

Well, we were all very sorry for her, because she was unmarried, and that sort of thing is always clumsy. At that moment, however, none of us believed the connection between her condition and Atummion.

Being a distant relative of the Madame, she was humored to the extent that we had the lab get some guinea pigs and douse them with Elaine Templeton's After Bath Powder, and they even professed to make a daily check on them.

Meanwhile, p


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(1954) Sci-fi (New product gone wrong) / Humor

From 'If Worlds of Science Fiction' April 1954.

R: ***

Plot bullets

No, we are not talking about an atomic reactor.
New cosmetics are based on some low yield atomic material.
The marketing department bypasses proper testing.
It seems to be working.
Oops, there are side effects.

This is the reason we have the FDA protecting us from mysterious additives. If you read the spoiler in the review below, there is no reason to read the story.
A mildly humorous story, nothing great.
Really a head-turner. I would say a page turner. The novel is also very humorous. I would not say anything about the plot. Just read. You would surely enjoy.
The beauty product touting radiance comes with an after sales "benefit" that the eager consumers would prefer to avoid. Spoiler alert!! The powder causes pregnancy (and not only in females).Hee!Hee!.