The Mind Digger

The Mind Digger


(2 Reviews)
The Mind Digger by Winston K. Marks





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The Mind Digger


(2 Reviews)
There was a reason why his scripts were smash hits—they had realism. And why not? He was reliving every scene and emotion in them!

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going the rounds awhile back."

Hardy nodded. "In some respects, yes. But I have a single goal, total recall, and I'm taking a more comprehensive approach. Psycho-therapy helped a great deal, but I have traced-out every angle of mnemonics, improved on most and invented some new ones. The final problem is one of improving synaptic potentials and actual tissue tone in the brain. Biochemistry is giving me the answers. With enough of the new B vitamin derivative I'm confident I can reach conception--and a totality of recall."

"But Hardy, what have you got when you get there? I still say, what's the percentage?"

* * * * *

The look he gave me was puzzled but completely tolerant. "You raved to me about my last play, yet you don't see what I'm getting at?" He stopped pacing and sat opposite me with his muscular hands knotted into fists on my desk.

"George," he said with quiet intentness, "I will be the first man since creation to have the full potential of his brain at his creative

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I\'m being very generous by rating this story at 3 stars. And that\'s a shame. There was so much good here, but the author just threw the ending away and ruined it. Nevertheless, worth the time to read.

A wonder boy starts producing smash Broadway plays. His talent eventually dries up. Sounds simple, but the author does a good job of keeping it interesting.
A story of a writer whose plays are strikingly realistic because he remembers completely every detail of his life--up to a point. And his research pushes back his memories farther and farther each day. But how much remembering is too much?

The writing is nothing special. The dig at Dianetics was interesting. I'm just not sure I buy the premise.