Massacre at Paris

Massacre at Paris


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Massacre at Paris by Christopher Marlowe



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Massacre at Paris


(1 Review)

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of hell, This day, this houre, this fatall night, Shall fully shew the fury of them all. Apothecarie.--

Enter the Pothecarie.


GUISE. Now shall I prove and guerdon to the ful, The love thou bear'st unto the house of Guise: Where are those perfumed gloves which late I sent To be poysoned, hast thou done them? speake, Will every savour breed a pangue of death?

POTHECARIE. See where they be my Lord, and he that smelles but to them, dyes.

GUISE. Then thou remainest resolute.

POTHECARIE. I am my Lord, in what your grace commaundes till death.

GUISE. Thankes my good freend, I wil requite thy love. Goe then, present them to the Queene Navarre: For she is that huge blemish in our eye, That makes these upstart heresies in Fraunce: Be gone my freend, present them to her straite. Souldyer.--

Exit Pothecaier.

Enter a Souldier.


GUISE. Now come thou forth and play thy tragick part, Stand in some window opening neere the street, And when

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A one act 22 scene play, much bloodier than anything Shakespeare ever wrote. Following the marriage of Catholic Charles the ninth to a Lutheran wife meant to end the sectarian animosity, the Catholic nobles set out to kill every Protestant in Paris. Though the action on stage only concerns the murders of nobles, minor characters appear every now and then to update the survivors about the fighting among the commoners.
There are shootings, poisonings, ear amputations, and lots and lots of stabbings. This must've been an amazing play to see performed.
Claire Duffy - Snarky Protagonists, Dark Facts Blended With Fiction, and Suspenseful Crime-solving
FEATURED AUTHOR - Claire Duffy was a screenwriter for over a decade until she caught herself cycling past a production company and giving it the finger. She decided she didn't like the person the film industry was turning her into. Duffy quit, took a temporary job at a daycare in Stockholm, and wrote her first novel while her class of one-year-olds took their afternoon nap. Through blogging that story in daily chapters, she discovered indie publishing and never looked back.