Summer Snow Storm

Summer Snow Storm


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Summer Snow Storm by Stephen Marlowe





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Summer Snow Storm


(1 Review)
Snow in summer is of course impossible. Any weather expert will tell you so. Weather Bureau Chief Botts was certain no such absurdity could occur. And he would have been right except for one thing. It snowed that summer.

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old Maxine, "Show the Under-Secretary in, please."

He was a small man with a big brief case. He spoke slowly, earnestly, backing up his statements with reams of paper from the brief case. The Defense Department had not contacted Johnny right away, he said, because they wanted to compile all the facts. They had all the facts now.

Johnny Sloman could be the biggest single factor for peace the world had ever known.

Item. In the event of aggression, he could so bog down the aggressor's supply lines and troop movements with continuous rains and snowstorms that it would be all but impossible for the aggressor to maintain hostilities.

Item. In the event that such tactical weather-war failed, he could cause a drought in the aggressor's food-producing regions, forcing the aggressor to surrender or face starvation.

Item. He could always, conversely, see to it that the defensive force's supply lines were never hampered by the weather and that the precipitation over the defensive countr

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An amusing story about a weatherman who discovers after a drunken hangover that he doesn't so much predict the weather as command it to happen. His power is naturally interesting to a lot of people, including the defense department.

Johnny Sloman's life's work then becomes trying to get other people to leave him alone.
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FEATURED AUTHOR - Debuting in 2020, Scott Falcon is a new American author writing cutting edge novels in different thriller genres.Scott is an avid outdoorsman, a conservation advocate, and is a member/sponsor of Wild Oceans, World Wildlife Fund, The Sierra Club, Greenpeace, International Anti Poaching Foundation, and The Sea Shepard Conversation Society. Scott lives in Ventura, California. His technothriller, Threshold, was very well received. All five-star reviews, the epic novel hit #1 in Hard Science Fiction… Read more