The Graveyard of Space

The Graveyard of Space


(2 Reviews)
The Graveyard of Space by Stephen Marlowe





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The Graveyard of Space


(2 Reviews)
Nobody knew very much about the Sargasso area of the void; only one thing was certain: if a ship was caught there it was doomed in—The Graveyard of Space.

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st four hours she had visited eight ships. Her voice sounded funny. She was fighting it every step of the way he thought. It must have been hell to her, breaking into those wrecks with their dead men with faces like white, bloated melons--

In the thirteenth ship he found a skeleton.

He did not report it to Diane over the intercom. The skeleton made no sense at all. The flesh could not possibly have decomposed. Curious, he clomped closer on his magnetic boots. Even if the flesh had decomposed, the clothing would have remained. But it was a skeleton picked completely clean, with no clothing, not even boots--

As if the man had stripped of his clothing first.

He found out why a moment later, and it left him feeling more than a little sick. There were other corpses aboard the ship, a battered Thompson '81 in worse shape than their own Gormann. Bodies, not skeletons. But when they had entered the sargasso they had apparently struck another ship. One whole side of the Thompson was smashed

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A decent little story. The author does an excellent job of creating tension and a sense of dread. The ending is unsatisfying, and completely glosses over the solution to the problem.
A husband and wife pair of asteroid miners are on their way home to divorce when they are caught in the field of whatever it is that traps passing space ships. They have fuel to escape if they can find the part they need to repair their ship from the broken hulks around them.

Good dynamic between the man and woman, good plotting, nice sense of dread hunting through the remains of ships.