The Dictator

The Dictator


(2 Reviews)
The Dictator by Stephen Marlowe





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The Dictator


(2 Reviews)
Ellaby's society was a perfect democracy, where all men were equal. But some still wanted more personal attention, and they got it, like—

Book Excerpt

Anything. Anything....

"Please slip these earphones over your head, over your ears. There. Is the microphone close enough to your lips? I think so."

* * * * *

A metal band running over the top of Ellaby's cranium held the earphones in place. Another metal band curved around the side of his cheek and chin, leading to a small microphone before his lips.

"Place your hands on the arms of your chair, please."

Ellaby did as he was told. Click! Click! A pair of manacles sprang up from the chair arms trapping Ellaby's wrists. Ellaby looked at the personnel tester in unpokered alarm. "What did you do that for?" he asked timidly.

"So you won't remove the earphones. Now, are we ready?" The personnel advisor pressed a button on his desk. Ellaby thought he heard a faint hum of power in the microphone. "I will ask you once more, Ellaby. Why did you want to work near the Dictator?"

Ellaby shrugged. He was going to say, "I'm sorry, but I don't have to answer that ques

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A slyly cynical story of a world run by a dictator and the man trained for years to kill him and overthrow the system. A pretty good comment on the question "what difference does it make to change the politicians when 99% of the government stays the same?"
(1955) Sci-fi (Future political intrigue ) / Short story

From \'Imagination Stories of Science and Fantasy\' January 1955.

R: ***

Plot bullets

A man\' is trained for ten years to assassinate the Dictator.
The job appears to be too easy.
There is a reason.

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