World Beyond Pluto

World Beyond Pluto
A Johnny Mayhem Adventure


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World Beyond Pluto by Stephen Marlowe





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World Beyond Pluto
A Johnny Mayhem Adventure


(1 Review)
Johnny Mayhem, one of the most popular series characters ever to appear in Amazing, has been absent too long. So here's good news for Mayhem fans; another great adventure of the Man of Many Bodies.

Book Excerpt

ot who took us out?"

"Uh, pressed into service last week on a Mercury run. I'm surprised the control board didn't tell you."

"They didn't. It doesn't matter. You do your job, and that's all."

"Yes, ma'am," House Bartock said. "Just my job."

A few moments later, Mozart's Lady blasted off.

* * * * *

"Stop! Hey, wait!" Pitchblend Hardesty bawled at the top of his voice. But it didn't do any good. The police rushed up behind Pitchblend, not daring to fire.

Moments before, they had found the dead pilot's body.

They knew at once what it meant, of course. They had been not more than a minute too late.

"Call Central Control on Neptune," a police officer said. "We'll send a cruiser after them."

"Won't do any good," Pitchblend Hardesty groaned.

"What are you talking about, fellow?"

"Unless the cruiser's brand new."

"On Neptune? Don't be silly. Newest one we've got is ten years old."

"Like I said, won't do any good

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Well, they never actually make it beyond Pluto.

Johnny Mayhem works for some agency at the center of the galaxy. He died, but the agency kept his spirit alive, and all over the solar system bodies are grown for him to inhabit--for a short period of time. Then the body dies, and he needs a new one.

So the all-girl orchestra is leaving Triton after a wildly successful tour. At the same time, there is a prison break, and the escaped prisoner coshes the girls' ship's pilot and takes his place. He flies their ship out of the solar system to throw off pursuers, and Johnny Mayhem steps in.

It's a space opera, with the usual impossibilities.
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