The Empty Door

The Empty Door


(3 Reviews)
The Empty Door by E. R. Mason







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The Empty Door


(3 Reviews)
Cassiopia Cassell's high IQ had always been too much for the men she'd dated. But now her beloved father was missing, and the only way to rescue him required she retain the services of a man with special abilities, a man she did not care for, and one she would have to convince to accompany her through an unexplained portal that led to dangers beyond imagination.

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, and let you know what I find. If we don't come up with something say within twenty-four hours, we may need to consider going to the police. In the meantime, if you think of anything or hear of anything, please call me, okay?"

"Yes, of course," she replied politely, happy to be rid of him. She watched as he turned and disappeared up the cellar stairs.

Cassiopia reappraised the room. Finding a telephone in her father's lab made her wonder if some of the detective's seemingly irrelevant questions had actually been very appropriate. The new light switch on the wall was no less a curiosity. Her father would never delegate any of his precious personal time to install such a trivial appliance unless it was somehow project-related. So, all of these things that would usually appear so ordinary, seemed completely out of place.

She studied the old empty trunk. It had always been there, but had never been of any interest. It was covered with perfectly-spaced wooded slats and was heavy and very well

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A wonderfully new and different story that is an interesting read up to about the 75 percent mark. Then it degenerates into a failed attempt to reconcile science and all religions. From there it goes into the toilet because the author doesn't know how to end the story. Probably worth your time to read, but don't hold your breath for a satisfying ending.

Also, you may find yourself skipping paragraphs of description and philosophy that contain no action or dialog.
I enjoyed this book very much. The authors writing style is humorous and conversational. The story premise is interesting, albiet not likely. The characters and thier interplay are what I found the most enjoyable. The other two books,"The Virtual Dead" and "The Glass Hummingbird", are better. I hope the series is continued.
I read these on a Kindle and the formating was terrible. I hope that distracting problem can be corrected.
I had never read E R Mason before and some of the syntax was odd.
Overall though very good.