On Handling the Data

On Handling the Data


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On Handling the Data by M. I. Mayfield





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On Handling the Data


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Sometimes a story is best told by omission!

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my time. In fact, I've been doing with three to four hours of sleep these days. With the kind of concentration that I can offer the problem, there is no question that the data are falling into line, and our research is going rather well. We will show, I hope, fairly conclusively that there is little or no interconversion between the two types of nucleic acid synthesis in the cell.

Despite your ingenious mathematical approaches for stimulation criteria, in biological research--a very abstruse field--even your multiplex machines with elaborate means of intercommunication are not sophisticated enough--or ever will be--to cope with the complexities inherent in the numerous interacting biosyntheses on the subcellular ultratopographical level of protoplasm.

Sincerely yours,

Jonathan Wells

* * * * *

November 8, 1958

The Editor, Journal of the National Academy of Sciences, Washington, D. C.

My dear Professor Von Engen:

From the tenor of your last letter it is

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An interesting combination of Buddhism and the Heisenberg uncertainty principle, written as a series of letters.

Quite clever.
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