Rice Tea

Rice Tea
A Novel about the Digital Underground


(4 Reviews)
Rice Tea by Julien McArdle







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Rice Tea
A Novel about the Digital Underground


(4 Reviews)
Seth Arnott is not your typical undergraduate student. Gifted and bored, he uses his computer skills and an uncanny understanding of the telephone network to unleash pranks across campus and town.Together with his good friend Gabriel and newcomer Kerstin, Seth's gags escalate as they take over movie theater phone systems and wireless connections at coffee shops. When the trio accidentally listen in on the work of a computer criminal during one of their escapades, they decide to blog about it on their website.Within a day of encountering the criminal, the pranksters find themselves at the focus of a police investigation. They have been framed, somehow, for operating one of the world's largest networks of infected computers. Confused, the three students barely avoid arrest and flee underground in an attempt to piece together the events and hopefully prove their innocence. What follows is an exciting journey through the world of cyber-crime.

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omputer, he would see that all of his slides remained intact. The duo had simply inserted an additional rogue slide. Seth noted down the course number, and would check later to see when that particular class was to take place. He wanted to grab video footage of the event.

[ = = = = ]

Seth and Gabriel were still working on finishing their beers. "I'm tempted to start university all over just so I can stay here," said Seth.

"Get a master's," proposed Gabriel.

"I could," Seth told him, "but as weird as this sounds, it's the social experience of getting raped in my first year classes that I miss most."

"Yeah, that is weird," said Gabriel.

"Thanks. Oh hey, I got a guy here." Seth, who was doing his own sleuthing, had stumbled on another professor's computer. He looked around the computer's various files, and discovered some slides dated for presentation in the coming week.

Taking a look at the slides, Seth saw that it began with a pie chart presenting the break down


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I almost died from laughing so hard at Diane's review. It's so true! I am a geek and I understood about 90%of the book. But unless you do computers for a living, there's no way this book would interest you. However, I loved it!! It's actually the second time I've read it...super awesome.
Riveting story that is quite educational and believable, about the extent of disruption to which modern hackers are capable of.
Just finished reading this book and it has left me with a very nice feeling after finishing it.

The book is quite short, I've read it in 4 hours (with breaks) but once you start reading you simply cannot stop.