The Husbands of Edith

The Husbands of Edith


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The Husbands of Edith by George Barr McCutcheon





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The Husbands of Edith


(1 Review)

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nd then go off into the mountains with the Rodneys,--the society reporters will do the rest."

"With the Rodneys? My dear fellow, suppose that they object to the substitution! Really, you know, it's not to be thought of."

"Deuce take it, man, the Rodneys are not to know that there has been a substitution. Perfectly simple, can't you see?"

"I'm damned if I do."

"What a stupid ass you are, Brock! The Rodneys have never laid eyes on me. They know of me as Edith's husband, that's all. They are to take you in as Medcroft, of course."

At this point Brock set up an emphatic remonstrance. He began by laughing his friend to scorn; then, as Medcroft persisted, went so far as to take him severely to task for the proposed imposition on the unsuspecting Rodneys, to say nothing of the trick he would play upon the convention of architects.

"I'd be recognised as an impostor," he said warmly, "and booted out of the convention. I shudder to think of what Mr. Rodney will do to me when he

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Needing to keep his real whereabouts secret, a man asks a friend to pose as himself on a trip to the Continent, in company with the first man's wife. The morals of the time being what they are, the faux spouses have an uncomfortable time keeping up appearances without doing anything unthinkable -- like sharing a hotel room.

Matters become worse when the impersonating husband falls in love with his purported sister-in-law. Their efforts to keep the secret without doing anything that will prove compromising to their reputations when the ruse is ultimately revealed are mildly amusing, but, like "Brewster's Millions," the story comes off as very dated.
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