The Flyers

The Flyers


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The Flyers by George Barr McCutcheon





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The Flyers


(1 Review)

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surveying the field of desirable husbands for Eleanor. She could see nothing but Englishmen, behind whom lurked the historic London drawing-rooms and British estates. That is how and why young Windomshire, a most delightful Londoner, with prospects and a peerage behind him, came to be a guest in her city house, following close upon a long sojourn in the Bermudas. HE had been chosen; the battle was over, so far as Eleanor's hand was concerned. What matter if Dauntless had her heart?

The object of this indifference and scorn gazed long and hard at the blob of light across the ravine. His heart was beating fast, and his body tingled with a strange excitement, which made itself manifest in a mixture of impatient frowns and prophetic smiles.

"If it wasn't such a beastly night," he was muttering in one breath, and, "Still, it's just the sort of a night we want," in the next. He was looking at his watch in the light from the window when an automobile whizzed up the wet gravel drive and came to a stop

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(1907) Humor (Situation) / Romance (Elopement)

R: * * * * *

Plot bullets

These flyers, have taken flight . That is to say, that no airship is involved, just a train, The Flyer, and a double elopement.
We have two separate elopements on one night. Each taking the same train to escape their over controlling family.
How nice you say. Two supportive couples to give each other aid and comfort. Not so. The soon to be bride of the first couple is the supposed fiancee of the groom of the second couple. The bride of the second couple is employed in the house of the bride of the first couple.
The confusion of the proposed and imposed on couples is not easily fixed. The two couples meet on the train and each is sure that the other has been sent by their families to stop the others marriage.
They finally reach their destination after some problems both with the train and each couples efforts to loose the other.
Conspiracy is heaped on complication as both couples are to be wed at the same church on the same night.
It gets more and more complicated for the couples who have become, \'The Flyers\'.