Take the Reason Prisoner

Take the Reason Prisoner


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Take the Reason Prisoner by John Joseph McGuire





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Take the Reason Prisoner


(1 Review)
No process is perfect ...but some men always feel unalterably convincedthat their system is the Be all and End all. Psychology now,should make prisons absolutely escape-proof,and cure all aberrations....

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Number Four changed by the addition of an extra latrine for the second floor. Females on the first, juvenile delinquents on the second.

Bennington had learned to move like a ghost, move quietly or die, on the almost forgotten battlefields of a police action in Korea. He had had a post-graduate course in the South-East Asian jungles. On the Chilean desert he had added to his skills.

He moved now as he had then.

But there was little reason for caution. The guards were too busy collecting their fees, the juvenile delinquents were too busy acting as ushers, with even the sex deviates from Number Three busy.

The customers, of course, were far too interested in what they were buying.

And there was nothing to be done tonight. Bennington snarled to himself, as he carefully made his way back to the house.

But tomorrow morning....

* * * * *

A good breakfast inside of him, the early morning sun brightening the scene before him, not even combined could t

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A longish short story about a new warden at a futuristic prison where prisoners are either hypnotized or drugged into docility, and what goes wrong. The story twists and turns several times to keep it interesting.

The premise seems to be what to do with criminals when they're caught, and are there some criminals who simply need to be snuffed?

There is an undercurrent of distrust of everyone (citizens, politicians, government flunkies, doctors, judges) EXCEPT the military generals, who are portrayed as the only honest, insightful, and selfless people in society. This trust of the military is itself a bit naive, but the story works as a sort of he-man adventure story. Don't expect much in the way of science, the only sci-fi in the story is setting it in the future.