You Can Search Me

You Can Search Me


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You Can Search Me by George Vere Hobart





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You Can Search Me


(1 Review)

Book Excerpt

ession on the stone porch.

Every mosquito in the neighborhood rushed to his assistance and tried to lift him up with their teeth.

Then Uncle Peter ran home and told Aunt Martha that Cinders, our bulldog, had tried to bite him.

The national emblem of the commuter is the lawn-mower.

The lawn-mower was invented originally for the purpose of giving the lawn a quick shave, and because it can't talk like a barber it makes a noise like the fall of Port Arthur.

I remember the first day I decided I would trim the vandyke beard on our lawn. Of course I got all mine, and I got it good. The result will always live in history side by side with the battle of Gettysburg.

The lawn-mower was sleeping peacefully in the barn when I rushed in and dragged it shriekingly from its slumbers.

Perhaps it was because I forgot to lather the lawn, but any way it was the hardest shave I ever had anything to do with.

That lawn-mower began to complain so loudly that the neighbors for miles around rushed to the rock

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(1905) Humor


Plot bullets

Two men back a down-and-out magician.
One man\'s marriage hopes, depend on the money from the performances.
A merry-go-round of events makes each wonder about life.
You can search me, if any one event in life, makes sense in the light of others that may follow.

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