You Should Worry Says John Henry

You Should Worry Says John Henry


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You Should Worry Says John Henry by George Vere Hobart





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You Should Worry Says John Henry


(1 Review)

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You know Nature has a few immutable laws, and one is that even a rich old uncle must in the full course of time pass on and leave nephews and nieces. Leave them what? Ah! that's it! Where's that timetable?

Hawleysville is about forty miles away on the P. D. & Q., and it is some burg. Uncle Gilbert wrote it all himself.

Uncle Gilbert has nearly all the money there is in the world. Every time he signs a check a national bank goes out of existence. He tried to count it all once, but he sprained his wrists and had to stop.

On the level, when he goes into a bank all the government bonds get up and yell, "Hello, Papa!"

When he cuts coupons it's like a sheep shearing.

He has muscles all over him like a prizefighter just from lifting mortgages.

When Peaches and I finally reached the Hawley mansion on the hill we found there a scene of great excitement. Old and distant relations were bustling up and down the stone steps, talking in whispers; servants with scared

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(1914) Humor

R: *****

Plot bullets

John Henry and wife Peaches, have a lot to worry about in 1914.Worry about WWI? John Henry has things closer to home to worry about.Not all worries seems to be serious, but all are funny.
What things should you worry about:

o I. You Should Worry About a Tango Lesson

o II. You Should Worry About an Automobile

o III. You Should Worry About Dieting

o IV. You Should Worry About Getting a Goat

o V. You Should Worry About Being in Love

o VI. You Should Worry About Snap-Shots

o VII. You Should Worry About the Servants

o VIII. You Should Worry About Auction Bridge

o IX. You Should Worry About Getting the Grip

o X. You Should Worry About a Musical Evening

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