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Celebrity by James McKimmey





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(3 Reviews)
Sound the fanfare! Beat the drums!Shout hosannas! Here he comes....CELEBRITY

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city stretched. Empty streets glistened from the bath of a water truck. Dew-wet grass winked at the fresh peeping sun, like millions of shimmering diamonds. A bird chirped. Another. The city yawned.

Rows of houses lay like square ivory beads on patches of green felt. A boy drove his bicycle down the middle of an elm-bordered avenue, whistling loudly, while tightly rolled newspapers arced from his hand and slapped against porches.

Lights snapped on in a thousand windows, shining yellowly against the cool whiteness of dawn. Men blinked and touched beard-stubbled chins. Women moved sleepily toward porcelain and chrome kitchens.

A truck roared and garbage pails rattled. There was a smell of sour orange rinds and wet leaves and unfolding flowers. Over this came the smell of toasting bread and frying bacon.

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Short, well-written, and builds quickly - to a spectacular anticlimax. Looks to me like the author was either setting up a brick joke, or more likely, poking fun at the mass hysteria that surrounds "celebrities" - after all, how much do you really know (or care) about the latest A-lister beyond hir name and hype? Would it be any different if (s)he'd just arrived from space?Then again, maybe he just wanted readers to spend more time wondering what was going on than they did reading the story. In which case he could possibly have done better by, for example,
There is a lot of lush description in a very short story that made no sense to me. I simply didn't get it. If you do, please explain it in your review and tip me off.
Extremely short, rather pointless story about a town turning out to hail a "celebrity." Just kind of dumb.
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