The Dead Hand

The Dead Hand
Being the First of the Experiences of The Oracle of Maddox Street


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The Dead Hand by L. T. Meade





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The Dead Hand
Being the First of the Experiences of The Oracle of Maddox Street


(1 Review)

Book Excerpt

boy of about thirteen years of age.

"Dead! my only son!" said Mrs. Kenyon, "he was drowned this morning. Here is his hand; yesterday it was warm and full of life, now it is cold as marble. Will you take it, will you look at the lines? I want you to tell me if he met his death by accident or by design?"

"You say that you are living in Philip Harman's house?" I said.

"He asked us here on a visit."

"And this boy, this dead boy stood between him and the Kenyon property?" was my next inquiry.

"How can you tell? How do you know?"

"But answer me, is it true?"

"It is true."

I now went on my knees and took one of the child's small white hands in mine. I began to examine it.

"It is very strange," I said slowly, "this child has died a violent death, and it was caused by design."

"It was?" cried the mother. "Can you swear it?" She clutched me by the arm.

"I see it, but I cannot quite understand it," I answered, "there is a strong indica

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(1902) Occult (Palmist) / Mystery (Murder)

R: * * *

Plot bullets

Diana is a successful palmist.
She tells one man that he is destined to be a murderer.
She foretells an unknown tragedy for the murder's relative.
She sees the who, but not the how, of a foul murder when she reads the hand of the dead.

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