It's All Yours

It's All Yours


(3 Reviews)
It's All Yours by Sam Merwin





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It's All Yours


(3 Reviews)
It was a strange and bitter Earth over which the Chancellor ruled—a strange and deformed world. There were times when the Chancellor suspected that he really was a humanistic old fool, but this seemed to be his destiny and it was difficult to be anything else. Human, like all other organic life on Earth, was dying. Where it spawned, it spawned monsters. What was to be the answer?

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liss. His accent was stiff as his spinal column. Bliss glanced casually at the papers, nodded and handed them back. So this, he thought, was how a "normal," a pre-atomic, a non-mutated human, looked. Impressive.

Catching himself wandering, he pushed a box of costly smokes toward the ambassador.

"Nein--no thank you, sir," was the reply.

"Suppose you sit down and tell me what we can do for you," said Bliss, motioning toward a chair.

"Thank you, sir, I prefer to stand," was the reply. And, when Bliss motioned that it was all right, "My mission is not a happy one, excellency. Due to overpopulation on Mars, I have been sent to inform the government of Earth that room must be made to take care of our overpopulation."

"I see," Bliss leaned back in his chair, trying to read the situation correctly. "That may take a little doing. You see, we aren't exactly awash with real estate here."

The reply was rigid and harsh. Captain Yaelstrom said, "I regret to remind your exc

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Saying the story is "OK", as other reviews have, is being quite generous. While the premise is interesting, the ending falls entirely flat, ruining everything.
With radioactivity poisoning the Earth, all life is mutating or growing up defective. Humanity has dwindled, while plant life has proliferated and grown vicious. The Martian colonies have been out of contact for decades, when suddenly a ship appears.

A rather dismal future. The story is okay.