Harley Greenoak's Charge

Harley Greenoak's Charge


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Harley Greenoak's Charge by Bertram Mitford





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Harley Greenoak's Charge


(0 Reviews)
Harley Greenoak, an experienced, resourceful up-country hunter, undertakes the guidance of a high-spirited, adventure-seeking young Englishman visiting South Africa -- a young man with an irresistible tendency towards getting into scrapes. It is Greenoak's especial business to get him out of them. How this is done, both before and after the outbreak of the Kafir War, will carry the reader through a series of stirring scenes--of fierce fighting and stubborn defence--of timely and well-nigh miraculous rescues--and even one episode of weird mystery; interwoven throughout is a love romance whose heroine is fully up to the sample of Mr. Mitford's many creations in that line.

Book Excerpt

going to make a real up-country man of you before we've done."

Thinking over these things Greenoak sat. Then deciding that Dick would be returning from the ship about now, he concluded to stroll down and meet him.

He left the club. From the steep hill leading down to Main Street there was a view of the bay and the shipping, the homeward-bound liner flying the blue peter and sending up a thickening volume of smoke, while away behind the Winterhoek mountains rose soft and hazy against the unclouded sky.

"Hi!--hallo, Greenoak," and a hand dropped on his shoulder from behind; but he did not start, his nerves were in far too good training for that. He only stopped.

"That you, Simcox? How are you?"

The man thus addressed was about Greenoak's own age, hard, wiry, weather-beaten. A typical colonist of the downright rough-and-ready type. Now he exclaimed:

"Well, this is a surprise. And what brings you down here?"

The other told him.

"Rum thing, isn't it," he said

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