Frank and Fanny

Frank and Fanny


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Frank and Fanny by Clara Jessup Moore





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Frank and Fanny


(3 Reviews)

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away from it, I hit my foot against a stone, and stumbled down, and I am afraid I hurt the bird. All the way across the meadow, I could hear the old birds crying so sorrowfully, "chick-a-dee-dee-dee," and it made my heart ache so, that I should have carried it back, if it had not been for you."

"Oh, dear, I wish you had. It is too late to carry it back to-night, and what will grandmother say to us."

"Supposing we don't tell her to-night, and to-morrow morning we will get up early, and carry it back, and then we can tell her all about it."

"No, we can't do that, Frank, for to-morrow is Sunday, and grandmother does not let us go into the woods on Sunday; oh, what shall we do?"

Frank now uncovered the bird, and Fanny took it gently in her hand, smoothed the glossy black head, and the brown wings, but it gave her no pleasure, for the poor little thing wailed pitifully, and looked so frightened out of its dark hazel eyes.

All the time that they had been talking, their grandmother had been standing a

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Frank and Fanny was written my Mrs. Clara Sophia Jessup Bloomfield-Moore (1824-1899). Her pen name was Clara Moreton and Frank and Fanny, a Rural Story was published in 1851. She was the grandmother of my grandfather Eric von Rosen.
Let's see...

Mrs. Clara Moreton is a pseudonym of General Dwight D. Eiosenhower, and Frank and Fanny was written in odd moments while winning World War II, yet the book was published in 1851, and Ike wasn't born until 1890?

The descriptions of Frank and Fanny are equally removed from reality.

Lovely little work of fantasy. Utterly useless review.

As most are aware, 'Mrs. Clara Moreton' was the nom de plume of General Dwight D. Eisenhower. General Eisenhower wrote the 'Frank and Fanny' book series during brief periods of repose while winning World War II. 'Frank and Fanny' remains a classic of childhood literature.

'Frank' is a mischevious and very fast moving little bunny rabbit--prone to wandering off from the safety of his warren and family. 'Fanny' is an ill-tempered and half-starved coyote who wants nothing more than to catch, kill, and eat little 'Frank'.

If this sound familiar, it should! 'Frank and Fanny' are the basis of the 'Roadrunner and Coyote' cartoons from Warner Brothers Studios. General Eisenhower sold the rights to 'Frank and Fanny' to the Warner Brothers for $250,000! With that money he was able to sucessfully run for President.