The Hunters

The Hunters


(2 Reviews)
The Hunters by Joseph Samachson





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The Hunters


(2 Reviews)
To all who didn't know him, Curt George was a mighty hunter and actor. But this time he was up against others who could really act, and whose business was the hunting of whole worlds.

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So they stayed, and out of some twigs and leaves they shaped the necessary coins with which to buy peanuts, and popcorn, and ice cream, and other delicacies favored by the young. Manto wanted to win easy popularity by treating a few of the other children, but Palit put his girlish foot down. No use arousing suspicion. Even as it was--

"Gee, your father gives you an awful lot of spending money," said Frances enviously. "Is he rich?"

"We get as much as we want," replied Manto carelessly.

"Gosh, I wish I did."

Miss Burton collected her brood. "Come together, children, I have something to say to you. Soon it will be time to go in and hear Mr. George. Now, if Mr. George is so kind as to entertain us, don't you think that it's only proper for us to entertain him?"

"We could put on our class play!" yelled Barbara.

"Barbara's a fine one to talk," said Frances. "She doesn't even remember her lines."

"No, children, we mustn't do anything we can't do well. T


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Boring to the max. This amateurish tale provides no plot, shallow characterization, and little in the way of sci-fi. I found it to be a complete waste of time.
A funny story about two shape-shifting aliens who stumbled across the Earth and discovered it was ripe for conquest. They're doing a little exploring before reporting the world to their home planet, and they hide out in a girl's elementary school field trip to the zoo. The tour will be followed by a lecture by a drunken actor who has passed himself off to the world as a big game hunter.

The aliens are good characters, and there is a good interaction between the actor and his agent. The story is remarkable for the sheer number or female characters.

Four and a half stars.