A Feast of Demons

A Feast of Demons


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A Feast of Demons by Joseph Samachson





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A Feast of Demons


(1 Review)
If you want my opinion, old Maxwell should have kept his big mouth shut ... and then El Greco could not have put Earth in a frame!

Book Excerpt

ble with Pudge, but he also had gone out of his way to find me. So he wanted something out of me.

He said suddenly, "Virgie, you were a damned fool."

"I was," I admitted honestly. "Worse than you know. But I am no longer. Greek, old boy, all this stuff you told me about those demons got me interested. I had plenty of time for reading in prison. You won't find me as ignorant as I was the last time we talked."

He laughed sourly. "That's a hot one. Four years of college leave you as ignorant as the day you went in, but a couple years of jail make you an educated man."

"Also a reformed one."

He said mildly, "Not too reformed, I hope."

"Crime doesn't pay--except when it's within the law. That's the chief thing I learned."

"Even then it doesn't pay," he said moodily. "Except in money, of course. But what's the use of money?"

* * * * *

There wasn't anything to say to that. I said, probing delicately, "I figured you were loaded.

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Maxwell's Demons, that is. Satirical story of an almost competent scientist who manages to create and nearly control small molecules that can selectively filter gold from water, etc. Except the things can replicate.

Good story of an experiment gone wrong.
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