Password Incorrect

Password Incorrect


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Password Incorrect by Nick Name







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Password Incorrect


(2 Reviews)
"Password Incorrect" is a selection of 25 tech-absurd, mobile fiction stories. Sometimes funny and sometimes mean, they're addressing the world of the contemporary mobile readerand spot the absurd of our present day lives: fights with the less and less comprehensible equipment, pursuit of the latest technological news, pitfalls of our modern lifestyle, useless inventions and issues racing in all directions at a breakneck speed. A lot of entertainment and a little food for thought.

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y problems, a wallet with a mini-device for the duplications of 100 zloty bills, and a piece of equipment "the day after" used to irretrievably eliminate from the time-space continuum days burdened with a hangover.

Now came the time for a mini-device preventing the development of symptoms of psycho-motor aggression.

The device was really simple. It weighed about a kilo and was the size of a bag of flour. It was to be worn on the right wrist. The fact it had to be the right wrist was very important. Otherwise, the invention didn't work properly, or even worse, it produced results opposite to its intended effect.

Each day, its mini-containers had to be re-filled with substances promoting positive processes in the body leading to the return of good mood. There were three containers to re-fill, and the substances were not available on the local market and had to be imported using diplomatic channels from the USA. To operate the device, turning it on stand-by was enough. In that mode, it could


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I mostly agree with the review Billy.
I thought that the combination of
absurdism and the Polish to English
translation just didn't work. Perhaps
this collection is better in the original
language, but it just doesn't quite
work as it is in this translation.

At least the book is free. I'd feel
bad if I'd paid the buck or two that
online retailers are charging for it.
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I wanted to enjoy these stories, but I found them surprisingly boring. It's surprising because they are so short and you hardly expect flash fiction to be boring. It's the writing that's at fault. It's the kind of insipid writing that thinks it's clever but really isn't. You can "hear" the writer trying to be funny and trying to be clever, but it just doesn't come off due to flat prose and a limited vocabulary, which is very quickly evident, and you never get the sense that the writer has a witty turn of phrase up his sleeve, or anything else up his sleeve for that matter. The stories are predictable, some like punch line stories (which I hate), others almost but not quite tales. The only good thing about this book is that you can read it quickly and get the pain over with. Overall, quite poor. It's no wonder the writer is using a "nick name" .