Truth and the Myths

Truth and the Myths


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Truth and the Myths by A. R. Narayanan







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Truth and the Myths


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Book Excerpt

bail him out of the bond

Sometimes, he is philosophical and unconventional, as in
the couplet:

"If our God is present everywhere,
Should one go to temple for prayer?"

"Why need middlemen
Between God and man?"

At other times, he is satirical, with elements of irony
and sarcasm. But he is always effective, because he is in
right earnest.

This might be his first attempt at poetic composition,
but there is maturity of thought and depth of feeling,
which come from his variety of experience in life. I wish
more power to his elbow; and hope that this collection,
or may be selection, of couplets, will have a wide circle
of readers. The quips are thought provoking, without
being too harsh or hurting.

Dr. D. Anjaneyulu

Madras, 22nd May 1995


Look around us, people are busily engaged in many things;
serious, silly or sincere; inducing a spurt of smile or
laughter; of fun, scorn or sympathy; on our lips. You and
me are no exception. We too contribute to others fancy.

"Of God's creations, only man can laugh
For, to be laughed at, he does lot enough"

Laughing at others, we should also be bold to direct the
very scorn at ourselves. But many of us simply won't or
refuse to in the belief that each one of us is an
exception. Laughter is a good medicine and, coming out of
the hermit shell, we should learn to laugh at all
laughable actions of the self and others.
Man is sincere to and concerned only about himself. In
his frenzy to own all the comforts and happiness of the
world, he forgets his roots, tradition, nobility, culture
and obligations towards the society, rendering his every
action a ludicrous one.

"Man invented money for trading;
But, on man, money is now treading"

Money has become everything to man and he is today and
addict to it. His prayers, religious rites and marital,


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