General Max Shorter

General Max Shorter


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General Max Shorter by Kris Ottman Neville





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General Max Shorter


(2 Reviews)
To spread Mankind to the stars carries a high cost in lives--and not all of them are human!

Book Excerpt

How long do you think it will take us to get there?"

"Between fifteen and twenty minutes, if I don't hit too much cross wind."

Mr. Ryan, one of the other two civilians, commented, "A long time between cigars, eh, Jim?"

The question was out of place and was ignored without hostility.

Mr. Ryan twisted uncomfortably. At length he said, apologetically, "Dirty, filthy business. I wish it were over with."

"So do I," Mr. Tucker said.

Captain Meford activated the ramp and eased the scout out. It was immediately buffeted by the winds.

"Sorry," he said. "It'll take a minute. Hold tight." The scout moved in three dimensions, erratically. "Wow! Let's set it at about twenty-six inches. Sorry. This will slow us down, but it will ease the bumps on down draft. There. That's better. We're okay now, I think. I guess we can settle back."

Thirty-five minutes later, they came to what was left of the alien city.

* * * * *

Back in the Richardson dome, General Sho

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The science (warp drive, terraforming) seems tacked on to a mildly interesting plot. The problem is the ending, which bears no relation to how any military organization I know would act. This is especially puzzling given that we were beginning our Viet Nam adventure about then.
J. R. Tomlin - Exciting Medieval Adventure Set in Scotland
FEATURED AUTHOR - J. R. Tomlin is the author of fourteen historical novels. She has close ties with Scotland as her father was a native Scot, and she spent time in Scotland while growing up. Her historical novels are set for the most part in Scotland. Her love of that nation is traced from the stories of the Bruce her grandmother read to her when she was small, to hillwalking through the Cairngorms where the granite hills have a gorgeous red glow under the setting sun.