New Apples in the Garden

New Apples in the Garden


(1 Review)
New Apples in the Garden by Kris Ottman Neville





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New Apples in the Garden


(1 Review)
Some problems areperfectly predictable—yet notin the sense that allows apreprogrammed machine to handle them—

Book Excerpt

e wait."

"You had a bad day," Lois said. "I can tell."

"No...." Eddie said. "Not really, I guess."

"Still working on Saturday?"

"I guess so. Nothing was said. Maybe it'll get easier after the end of the month."

"You said it was all that new construction work in the Valley that's making you so shorthanded."

"That's part of it."

"They're not scheduled to finish until ... when, sometime next year, isn't it?"

"The end of '81 right now."

"Eddie! Listen to me! I hardly ever see you any more. You're not going to have to put in all this overtime for the next two years!"

"Of course not," Eddie said. "Maybe after this month, that's all, and the work load will level off."

* * * * *

Larry, dressed for bed, came in. "Eddie?"

"Your father's tired."

"I want to ask him something."

"What is it, Larry?" Eddie asked.

"Eddie, you know the little culture I was running for science class? Something's wrong. Will you look

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A surprisingly accurate prediction of the future. The infrastructure is breaking down, more and more skilled technicians are needed just to keep things going, bureaucracy gets thicker, the stock market is getting ready to take another dive. The author predicted everything except Wal-Mart.
Nice characters, and a nice sense of futility and dread.

I couldn't get the relation of the title to the story.
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