Rosalind at Red Gate

Rosalind at Red Gate


(2 Reviews)
Rosalind at Red Gate by Meredith Nicholson







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Rosalind at Red Gate


(2 Reviews)
Mr. Nicholson has scored another great success with Rosalind at Red Gate, in which once again we visit the locality of The House of a Thousand Candles.In this new story he has written a buoyant romance even more fascinating, witty and charming than its famous predecessors.

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ared--there were unpleasant rumors--"

She paused a moment, and looked out of the window toward the lake, and I saw her clasped hands tighten; but she went on bravely.

"That was seven years ago. Since then Henry has insisted on the final division of the property. My father had a high sense of honor and he stipulated that if either of his sons should be guilty of any dishonorable act he should forfeit his half of the million dollars. Henry insists that Arthur has forfeited his rights and that the amount withheld should be paid to him now; but his conduct has been such that I feel I should serve him ill to pay him so large a sum of money. Moreover, I owe something to his daughter--to Helen. Owing to her father's reckless life I have had her make her home with me for several years. She is a noble girl, and very beautiful--you must have seen, Mr. Donovan, that she is an unusually beautiful girl."

"Yes," I assented.

"And better than that," she said with feeling, "she is a very lovely cha

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A sequel to "The House of a Thousand Candle" featuring Larry Donovan, who becomes entangled in the ugly family feud of a beautiful young woman, her father and her maiden aunt. It doesn't have quite the mystery or adventure of the earlier book but excellent characterization makes it a fun read.
Neat little mystery with Mr. Donovan from The House of a Thousand Candles. I noticed a similar plot line through the first 3 books but he writing style keeps you curious and wanting to read on.