The Defiant Agents

The Defiant Agents


(6 Reviews)
The Defiant Agents by Andre Norton









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The Defiant Agents


(6 Reviews)
Alien technology scavenged by U.S. and Russian scientists has started a race to colonize planets outside our solar system -- and the U.S. scientists are losing! In a desperate move the U.S. government decides to use a group of Apache volunteers in an experimental attempt to colonize a primitive planet, but before they can even begin their spaceship crashes on the planet Topaz...

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there was a heavy element of risk involved. Three teams of recruits--the Eskimos from Point Barren, the Apaches, and the Islanders--all picked because their people had a high survival rating in the past, to be colonists on widely different types of planets. Well, the Eskimos and the Islanders aren't matched to any of the worlds on those snooped tapes, but Topaz is waiting for the Apaches. And we may have to move them in there in a hurry. It's a rotten gamble any way you see it!"

"I'll appeal directly to the council."

Kelgarries shrugged. "All right. You have my backing."

"But you believe such an effort hopeless?"

"You know the red-tape merchants. You'll have to move fast if you want to beat Ruthven. He's probably on a straight line now to Stanton, Reese, and Margate. This is what he has been waiting for!"

"There are the news syndicates; public opinion would back us----"

"You don't mean that, of course." Kelgarries was suddenly coldly remote.

Ashe flushed under


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I looked into many Norton novels in the past but never got past page five before abandoning the efforts due to boredom. This time I promised myself to finish one of them, if only to determine why others enjoyed her work.

No hope—got to about page twelve before quitting. She writes as you would expect a librarian to do, with some of the slowest openings in the explored portion of the galaxy.
I don't get what the other reviewers like about this story. I couldn't get into it at all. I tried skipping on through some chapters to find anything of interest, but I never found it.
Third book in Norton's time trader series - each one better than the previous book. Excellent, looking forward to reading Key Out of Time.
Another fine addition to Andre Nortons' "Time Trader" series. I greatly enjoyed the story line and characters. Andre Norton truely is o of the greats.
Andre Noton at her best. Very enjoyable read just a little dated as th main character is very concerend with the Reds taking over with a mind control device in a new world settled by Apaches from the West and mongols from the East with the Mongols under mind control from an alien device. Good story as these groups meet and try to revolt and protect an alien storehouse they find full of who knows what tech marvels.