Armageddon—2419 A.D.

Armageddon—2419 A.D.


(3 Reviews)
Armageddon—2419 A.D. by Philip Francis Nowlan







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Armageddon—2419 A.D.


(3 Reviews)
The original "Buck Rogers" story -- Nowlan’s novella tells about America in the 25th century, conquered by Hans in 2109 A.D. and only now beginning to rebel. The Hans are invaders from Asia with highly advanced technology. They have great aircraft armed with disintegrator rays that turn whatever they hit into nothing. From time to time, they raid American land "to keep the 'wild' Americans on the run within the shelter of their forests, and prevent their becoming a menace to the Han civilization." (Summary from Wikipedia).

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rybody belong to a gang nowadays?"

"Naturally," she said, frowning. "If you don't belong to a gang, where and how do you live? Why have you not found and joined a gang? How do you eat? Where do you get your clothing?"

"I've been eating wild game for the past two weeks," I explained, "and this clothing I--er--ah--." I paused, wondering how I could explain that it must be many hundred years old.

In the end I saw I would have to tell my story as well as I could, piecing it together with my assumptions as to what had happened. She listened patiently; incredulously at first, but with more confidence as I went on. When I had finished, she sat thinking for a long time.

"That's hard to believe," she said, "but I believe it." She looked me over with frank interest.

"Were you married when you slipped into unconsciousness down in that mine?" she asked me suddenly. I assured her I had never married. "Well, that simplifies matters," she continued. "You see, if you were technically classe


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(1928) Sci-fi
Plot bullets

Antony (Buck) Rogers is overcome in an accident and awakes almost 500 years in the future.
The world is a very different place.
The people of the United States and the World has been subjugated to mere forest dwellers, by the Han from the North. (He allows that these Han maybe the product of interbreeding of a race from the stars)
But it is time to take back the earth.
Maybe a man from the 20th century, with old but fresh ideas, is just what is needed.

The original story of the comic strip, radio, TV and movies Buck Rogers of the 25th Century fame.
The sequel to this book is: The Airlords of Han.
great story. pretty much the birthplace of apocalyptic future (road warrior) type stories. I found it particulary interesting to compare to the old buck rogers newspaper dailies that this story inspired. its interesting to see more detail here and what they kept and left out in the comics
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Samuel Matthew Combs
I'm going to review this in a different way--Here is where Buck begins. Do you love Burroughs? Running with John Carter across the moss covered dead seas of Barsoom? I found the ace paperback edition of this book while looking for the new Burroughs' titles on the rack in the early 60's. You know the ones with the wonderful Frazetta and Krenkel covers that made you feel like every new edition you found was the magic of opening up a treasure chest of gold and diamonds. It was an exciting time for reading Sci Fi Romance. DAW was working for Ace Books and pulling this Burroughs/Kline/Farley stuff out of the lost Opar Vaults of time and publishing it by the Truck loads and between Ace and Ballantine books there was a new wonder every week at your local Newsstand. Like Wilkie's in Dayton, Ohio or Shinder's in Minneapolis. One of the really great parts was it could all be bought for 35 to 50 cents a book and the covers were worth the money if the reading inside failed ya. The summary up above tells you the jest of the story--So suffice it to say if you enjoy old pulps. If you love Moorcock--Burroughs--Kline-Heinlien and the like. You will have a great romp across a furure America where the people are about to set themselves free from the Asian invaders and re-fly the old red/white/and blue, while you discover the birth and true begginnings of "Buck Rogers" and learn of a possible future for the good ol' USA that might not be that far fetched after all. The Way things are going these days.

Nuff Said---Sam da Man