The Lost Room

The Lost Room


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The Lost Room by Fitz-James O'Brien







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The Lost Room


(2 Reviews)

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"Queer house, isn't it?"

"I have only found it quiet."

"Hum! But you will find it queer, take my word for it." This was earnestly uttered; and I felt, at the same time, a bony finger laid on my arm that cut it sharply, like a blunted knife.

"I can not take your word for any such assertion," I replied, rudely, shaking off the bony finger with an irrepressible motion of disgust.

"No offense, no offense," muttered my unseen companion rapidly, in a strange, subdued voice, that would have been shrill had it been louder; "your being angry does not alter the matter. You will find it a queer house. Everybody finds it a queer house. Do you know who live there?"

"I never busy myself, Sir, about other people's affairs," I answered, sharply, for the individual's manner, combined with my utter uncertainty as to his appearance, oppressed me with an irksome longing to be rid of him.

"Oh! you don't? Well, I do. I know what they are--well, well, well;" and as he prono

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Interesting story from the 1850s of a man who steps out to walk in the garden one night, and when he gets back, ghouls have taken over and transformed his apartment. Some nice descriptive writing.
The Lost Room is an odd little tale told by author Fitz-James O'Brien (1828 - 1862) who is considered by many to be the father of the science fiction genre. The Lost Room originally appeared in the September 1858's edition of Harper’s New Monthly Magazine.

In the tale, the unnamed narrator relates a tale where he literally loses his room in a surreal situation that sounds more like a rather unpleasant version of Alice in Wonderland. To tell more would ruin the story, but as it makes a nice 15 minutes of diversion, the short tale is worth the time.