How to Read the Crystal

How to Read the Crystal
or, Crystal and Seer


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How to Read the Crystal by Walter Gorn Old







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How to Read the Crystal
or, Crystal and Seer


(1 Review)
For those who would aspire to the gift of pure vision, and in whom the faculty is striving for expression, the following pages are written. To others we would say, Be content. All birds are not eagles. The nightingale has a song, the humming-bird a plumage which the eagle will never possess. The nightingale may sing to the stars, humming-bird to the flowers, but the eagle, whose tireless eyes gaze into the heart of day, is uncompanioned in its lofty loneliness in the barren mountain-tops.

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lations are will appear in the following pages. The passive type of seer, on the contrary, remains in statu quo, open to impressions coming inwards towards the perceptive faculty, but making no effort towards either outward or inward searching. The success of each depends upon the observance of that method which is agreeable to their respective temperaments.

In regard to the qualifications which should supplement and sustain the natural aptitude of the seer or seeress, the following remarks may be of general service.

Self-possession and confidence in one's own soul-faculties must be the firm rock upon which all revelations should rest. The purer the intention and motive of the seer, the more lucid will be the visions accorded. No reliable vision can be obtained by one whose nature is not inherently truthful. Any selfish desire dominanting the mind in regard to any thing or person will distort the visions and render them misleading, while a persistent self-seeking spirit will effectually


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How to Read the Crystal is one of several occult treatises written by Walter Gorn Old (1864-1929), the pseudonym of Walter Richard Old who also wrote under the name, Sepharial.

Old is best known for his works on using astrology to predict events on the stock market and horse racing.

In How to Read the Crystal, Old attempts to teach the reader how to use any type of reflective device such as a crystal ball, mirror, or dish of water to divine the past, present, and future.

This reviewer freely confesses skepticism concerning such activity, using such works as Old's as nothing more than resource material for writing his own fantasy stories.

In essence, he is teaching self-hypnotism where the viewer sees symbols within the reflective surface that are subjectively interpreted. In the process, he relates stories and experiences of seers and also advertises the best places to buy crystal balls.

The author is also kind enough to extend a warning to the new student about symptoms which they may experience as they indulge in reading the crystal ball:

Loss of memory, hysteria, absentmindedness, unconscious utterance of one's thoughts, illusions and hallucinations, irritability, indifference to one's surroundings, and similar perversions, are among the products of the newly-evolved psychic faculty.

Caveat emptor.