The Double Traitor

The Double Traitor


(3 Reviews)
The Double Traitor by E. Phillips Oppenheim







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The Double Traitor


(3 Reviews)
An amazing story of the diplomatic events leading up to the European War. The best story E. Phillips Oppenheim has ever written.

Book Excerpt

is rather a brainy little person. They use her a good deal, I believe, as a means of confidential communication between here and Vienna. She has been back and forth three or four times lately, without any apparent reason."

Norgate stood with his hands in his pockets, frowning slightly.

"Why, she's half an Englishwoman," he remarked.

"She may be," Mr. Gray admitted drily. "The other half's Austrian all right, though. I can't tell you anything more about her, my dear fellow. All I can say is that she is in my book, and so long as she is there, you know it's better for you youngsters to keep away. Be off now. I am decoding a dispatch."

Norgate retraced his steps to his own room. Ansell glanced up from a mass of passports as he entered.

"How's the Secret Service Department this morning?" he enquired.

"Old Gray seems much as usual," Norgate grumbled. "One doesn't get much out of him."

"Chief wants you in his room," Ansell announced. "He's just come in from the Palace, looking like nothing on e

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Not the most believable story of spy-craft, but in this one, at least, Oppenheim creates a good villain who fails to share the happy ending.
I read the book because the reviewer had rated it very high. I shouldn't have. There is hardly any action and it seems there is only one spy each for the whole of Germany and England.
Such a good book that has surprisingly held up very well over time. The plot quite twisty and there are plenty of cliff-hangers. The romance is pretty nice. The Double Traitor would give todays crop of thriller writers a run for their money. I could compare this book to Ken Follet's historical thrillers (The Man From St. Petersburg, etc).