Anna the Adventuress

Anna the Adventuress


(7 Reviews)
Anna the Adventuress by E. Phillips Oppenheim







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Anna the Adventuress


(7 Reviews)
Annabel Pellissier, for reasons of her own, allows Sir John Ferringhall to believe that she is her sister Anna. Anna lets the deception continue and has to bear the burden of her sister’s reputation which, in Paris at any rate, is that of being a coquette. Endless complications ensue when both sisters return to London.This is one of the late E. Phillips Oppenheim’s most intriguing stories.

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"My dear child," he said, "with me you need have no apprehension. I am almost old enough to be your father."

She looked at him with uplifted eyebrows--a look of whimsical incredulity. Sir John felt that after all forty-five was not so very old.

"That sounds quite absurd," she answered. "Yet it is my last evening, and I think--if you are sure that you would like to have me--that I will risk it."

"We will go to a very quiet place," he assured her, "a place where I have often taken my own sisters. You will be wearing your travelling dress, and no doubt you would prefer it. Shall we say at half-past seven?"

She rose from her chair.

"I will take a carriage," she said, "and fetch my things."

"Let us say that Café Maston, in the Boulevard des Italiennes, at half-past seven then," he decided. "I shall be waiting for you there, and in the meantime, if you will help yourself--pray don't look like that. It is a very small affair, after all, and you can p

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Good plot. Good development of characters. Original story and a great light read for on the patio.
This is more of a romance than an adventure - at the time, ‘adventuress’ was used to mean a woman who was a bit ‘fast’. Nevertheless, Anna does take on the adventure of moving from Paris to London, and finding a way to make her own living. She’s brave, resourceful, and a thoroughly good egg. Even her sister, Annabel, who starts the books as a rather vain and shallow woman, learns what really matters, and becomes a far more sympathetic character.
i havent read very depth,so i only comment for story line
an adventure reading.good for light reading

for :those enjoy authors like goergette heyer,but timeline about 19-20 century,i think
Interesting Book to read.

The heroine is filled with great courage & strength with which she faces all perils.