A Monk of Cruta

A Monk of Cruta


(2 Reviews)
A Monk of Cruta by E. Phillips Oppenheim







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A Monk of Cruta


(2 Reviews)
An involved and curious monastic romance with a secret revealed at the last moment. A thoroughly dramatic narrative.

Book Excerpt

g sun had half emerged from a bank of angry purple-coloured clouds, and its faint slanting beams lay across the white coverlet of the bed, and upon his face. His eyes were bright and eager, and the death-like pallor seemed to have passed from his features. His voice, too, was firm and distinct.

"Place my despatch-box upon the table here, Gomez," he ordered.

Gomez left his seat by the window, and, opening a portmanteau, brought a small black box to the bedside. His master passed his hand over it, and drew it underneath the coverlet.

"I am prepared," he murmured, half to himself. "Father, according to the physician's reckoning, how long have I to live?"

"Barely an hour," answered the priest, without removing his eyes from the boat, whose progress he seemed to be scanning steadfastly. "Is your eternal future of so little moment to you," he went on in a tone of harsh severity, "that you can give your last thoughts, your last few moments, to affairs of this world? 'Tis an unholy death!

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I agree with the previous reviewer. First of all it is too melodramatic. Then partway through,the author reveals how prejudiced he is against the Catholic church, and how ignorant he is of it as well. Too much negativity also.
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