Jacob's Ladder

Jacob's Ladder


(2 Reviews)
Jacob's Ladder by E. Phillips Oppenheim





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Jacob's Ladder


(2 Reviews)
A bankrupt, suddenly becoming wealthy, proceeds to pay back old scores, good and bad.

Book Excerpt

Jacob glanced at the speaker with the air of one moved to admiration.

"Mr. Groome, sir," he pronounced, "you are a wizard! You must have seen right through into the breast pocket of my coat. Allow me to read you a couple of letters."

He produced these amazing documents, leisurely unfolding the first. There was no question of newspapers now.

"You will remember," he said, "that I came to grief because I stood bondsman to my brother, who was out prospecting for oil lands in America. 'Disgraceful speculation' Mr. Bultiwell called it, I think. Well, this letter is from Sam:"

Ritz-Carlton Hotel, New York.

My dear Jacob,

I cabled you this morning to prepare for good news, so don't get heart failure when you receive this letter. We've struck it rich, as I always told you we should. I sold the worse half of our holdings in Arizona for four million dollars last week, and Lord knows what we'll get for the rest. I've cabled you a hundred thousand pounds, to be going on with, t

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(1921) Humor / Romance
Plot bullets

Not that Jacob, nor that ladder.
Jacob lens money to his brother for an American oil search.
Jacob goes bankrupt, but later the oil money comes in.
Jacob is now a rich man but a lonely man.
He was once at the bottom of the ladder. Now he is climbing up.
But there are those who want part of his success.
Manning money and business deals turns out to be Jacob's forte. Love, on the other hand eludes him.

Cheery bit of fluff blending a little romance and a bit of adventure. No one gets hurt except the bad guys and it's always amusing and kind of sweet. Guy goes from bankruptcy to millionaire and finds out who his friends are.
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