An Amiable Charlatan

An Amiable Charlatan


(8 Reviews)
An Amiable Charlatan  by E. Phillips Oppenheim







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An Amiable Charlatan


(8 Reviews)
Title in England: The Game of Liberty.

Book Excerpt

, "that we worked that little conjuring trick."

The detective stood once more at our table. My instinctive dislike of him was now an accomplished thing. I hated his smile of subdued triumph, and all my fundamental ideas as to law and order were seriously affected by it. I was distinctly on the side of my new acquaintance.

"I am sorry to interrupt this little feast," Mr. Cullen said, "but I shall have to trouble you both to come with me for a short time."

Mr. Parker carefully clipped the end of his cigar and leaned back in his chair while he lit it.

"My friend Cullen," he remonstrated, "I have no objection to offering myself up as a victim to your super-abundant energy and trotting about with you wherever you choose; but when it comes to dragging my friends into it, I just want to say right here that I think you are carrying things a little too far--just a little too far, sir."

"If either of you seriously object to my request," Mr. Cullen replied doggedly, "I can put the matter on a different ba

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Light-weight, funny and enjoyable read.
Narrated with a good rhytm, pleasant personages. The story is curious and sweet, modernly fast-paced and very Victorian in its spirit.
A British gentleman befriends a charming con-man and his beautiful stepdaughter. I highly recommended it for some light amusement. This seems like the sort of thing the film industry would have jumped on at one time, I wonder if it was ever made into a movie?
Things are not as they seem...

Crimes, criminals, ill-gotten gains -- but what is really going on?

Very entertaining.
Loved it!! The previous reviewer was right. It was a page turner and great fun! An upper class Brit gets mixed up with a father and daughter team of self-professed "adventurers" with consequences that will keep you reading....
Its a winner. Enjoy!
Apparent fool meets genius thief with daughter and falls in love. Do not expect the usual outcome. It reminds me a bit of Raffles but the narrator is more active here. Well-written, funny, and a page-turner.