The Emperor's Candlesticks

The Emperor's Candlesticks


(8 Reviews)
The Emperor's Candlesticks by Baroness Emmuska Orczy







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The Emperor's Candlesticks


(8 Reviews)

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istocratic face so sweet and tender - crept into her eyes; but when it came, the impatient little sigh and self-contemptuous frown invariably accompanied it. Surely this worldly woman, this elegant grande dame, would not allow even the faintest vestige of sentiment to creep up among her recollections of the gay carnival ball, more especially as that sentiment was evidently directed towards one who ---

"Ah me!" Madame Demidoff sighed again, threw away her cigarette, and rang for her maid, all with the idea of putting an end to any more thinking that night.


As soon as Ivàn Volenski lost sight completely of Madame Demidoff's carriage, he, with a sigh of relief, retraced his steps up the wide stairs of the opera house, and joined a couple of dominoes, who, dressed like himself in uniform grey, stood isolated among the groups of masks that encumbered the entrance to the foyer. Together all three began

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A strange sequence of unlikely and unanticipated changes to the disposition of the candlesticks creates a twisted plot that is delightfully clever. I enjoyed the journey through the maze of events.
ok so i totally didnt think i would like this book but my friend told me she really liked so i decided to download it and i love it so much. so freakin cool how it works out in the end. peeps u need to download it. u will love it.
Why does this book only have 2300 downloads?? Seriously, this books rocks. I mean people will think that since it was written sometime in the 1800 that it cant be good. But it is ahhhhhmazzzzing.
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