The Sin That Was His

The Sin That Was His
A Novel of Quebec


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The Sin That Was His by Frank L. Packard







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The Sin That Was His
A Novel of Quebec


(0 Reviews)
Mystery, masquerading and regeneration!

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The Kid examined his card in approved fashion by pulling it slightly over the edge of the table and secretively turning up one corner; then, still face down, he pushed it back, and, MacDonald, returning with the glasses from the bar at that moment, reached greedily for his own and tossed it off. He nodded with heavy satisfaction as Three-Ace Artie drained the other glass. Again he examined his card as before.

"That's a pretty good card!" he stated with owlish gravity. "Worth pretty good bet!" He laid a stack of his gold eagles upon the card.

Three-Ace Artie placed an equivalent number of chips upon his own card, and dealt another apiece--face up now on the table. An eight-spot of spades fell to the Kid; a ten-spot of diamonds to Three-Ace Artie.

"Worth jus' much as before!" declared the Kid--and laid another stack of eagles upon the card.

"Mine's worth a little more this time," smiled Three-Ace Artie--and doubled the bet.

"Sure!" mumbled the Kid. "Sure thing!"

Again T

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