John Enderby

John Enderby


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John Enderby by Gilbert Parker



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John Enderby


(1 Review)
Gilbert Parker's writings are fired with that enthusiasm for courageous, adventurous energy that inspired the conquerors of the North American continent.

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y the gentlemen received gracious thanks of the King who had been here delivered from the first act of violence made against him in his reign.

Of the part which Enderby had played Lord Rippingdale said no more to the King than this:

"Sir John Enderby was of these gentlemen who saved your Majesty's life. Might it not seem to your Majesty that--"

"Was he of them?" interrupted the King kindly; then, all at once, out of his hurt vanity and narrow self-will, he added petulantly: "When he hath paid for the accolade of his knighthood, then will we welcome him to us, and make him Baron of Enderby."

Next day when Enderby entered the great iron gates of the grounds of Enderby House the bell was ringing for noon. The house was long and low, with a fine tower in the centre, and two wings ran back, forming the court-yard, which would have been entirely inclosed had the stables moved up to complete the square.

When Enderby came out into the broad sweep of grass and lawn, flanked on either side by commendabl

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A historical yarn about a loyal Englishman who refuses a knighthood from Charles I (he can't afford the fees for the title), and whose sense of honor forces him into exile until Cromwell takes power.
The hero of the story is an awfully good person, maybe too good to be believed. But if you like your heroes virtuous, by all means check out the story.
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