Maid Marian

Maid Marian


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Maid Marian by Thomas Love Peacock





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Maid Marian


(1 Review)

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suddenly prostrate in the door-way that connected the chapel with the abbey, and was instantaneously buried under a pyramid of ghostly carcasses, that fell over him and each other, and lay a rolling chaos of animated rotundities, sprawling and bawling in unseemly disarray, and sending forth the names of all the saints in and out of heaven, amidst the clashing of swords, the ringing of bucklers, the clattering of helmets, the twanging of bow-strings, the whizzing of arrows, the screams of women, the shouts of the warriors, and the vociferations of the peasantry, who had been assembled to the intended nuptials, and who, seeing a fair set-to, contrived to pick a quarrel among themselves on the occasion, and proceeded, with staff and cudgel, to crack each other's skulls for the good of the king and the earl. One tall friar alone was untouched by the panic of his brethren, and stood steadfastly watching the combat with his arms a-kembo, the colossal emblem of an unarmed neutrality.

At length, through the m


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One of the earliest, therefore simplest, tellings of the Robin Hood story. The raids on the Sheriff of Nottingham, the archery contest trap, etc., were all fabricated later, or much later.
This is the story of the outlawing of the Earl of Locksley, and the kidnapping of the woman who would become Maid Marian. They are chastely married, and pursued all over England by the horrid Sheriff.
Peacock was a poet, and the writing is quite good, especially the descriptions and characterizations.
Disguises figure prominently, and are remarkably effective, even on close friends.
All in all, a nice little adventure story without too much slaughter.
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