The House Under the Sea

The House Under the Sea
A Romance


(1 Review)
The House Under the Sea by Max Pemberton







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The House Under the Sea
A Romance


(1 Review)
"The author has a narrative gift which enables him to carry the reader on unwearied to the last page."--New York Tribune."An exciting novel."--Newark Call.

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d this ship, to say nothing of the cook's boy and the dog. You've a nice mind, Mister Jacob, but you've a deal to larn when it comes to women. My poor old father, who hailed from Shoreham----"

"It was Newport yesterday, Peter."

"Aye, so it were--so it were. But, Newport or Shoreham, he'd a precious good notion of the sex, and what he said I'll stand by. 'Get 'em on their feet to the music,' says he, 'and you can lead 'em anywheres.' 'Tis Gospel truth that, Mister Jacob."

"But a man had better mind his steps," said I. "For my part, I shouldn't be surprised if Ruth Bellenden's husband gave us the cold shoulder to-morrow and sent us about our business. However, the sea's free to all men, lads, and the morn will show. By your leave we'll have a bit of supper and after that turn in. We shall want all our wits about us when daylight comes." They agreed to this, and without further parley we went on deck and heard what the lad "Dolly" Venn had to tell us. It was full dark now and the islands wer

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(1902) Romantic Adventure / Sci-phi
Plot bullets

A yacht captain keeps his promise to visit the ships owner on her island, one year after her marriage.
What he fines is not a tranquil happy situation.
The lady owner is a prisoner and her husband makes his living by luring ships to their doom on the rocks..
The island is periodically enveloped in a fog that drives men mad or kills.
Herr husband has provided for the time that no one can live on the island by building a vast underwater dwelling at the edge of the island.
The lady needs rescuing and her husband brought to justice.