The Impregnable City

The Impregnable City
A Romance


(2 Reviews)
The Impregnable City by Max Pemberton







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The Impregnable City
A Romance


(2 Reviews)
The story of a life; the story of an unknown city; the story of men who dreamed dreams; the story of mercy and of death, of darkness and of light, of order and of chaos; the story of myself, Irwin Trevena, who set down these things as I have seen and known them.

Book Excerpt

his time of night?"

"Sir," continued I, "that is no business of yours. Will you please to explain this masquerade?"

"Explanations, doctor," replied he, seating himself most impudently at the head of the table, "should give way to the more serious things of life. Look, now, do you think I am a rogue?"

I looked at him closely, and my suspicions died away. Who that ever saw Rocco did not love him?

"At any rate," said I, "tell me something."

"With pleasure," cried he. "This champagne is 1874 Heidsieck. Let me fill your glass."

I could say no more. I sat down to the table, and began to eat mechanically. But the motion of the yacht, as she now rushed through the water, was unmistakable. We must have passed the Needles.



THE supper we now enjoyed was, as I say, served perfectly; the wine was such as only a man of rare palate could buy. My companion, who cal

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This is an old story, and told in the vein of Wells and others of that time period. As such, there is an incredible amount of superfluous descriptive writing that is quite boring. Along with this the language is terribly out of date. Such a story I would normally rate a 1. However...

There is a little less melodrama in this story than is found in its kin. Also, there is a bit of action and almost a real plot. As such, and with much skimming over long paragraphs, I give this an average rating.

The previous reviewer gave enough of the storyline that I won't repeat it here. I will only say that this is hardly a sci-fi story.
(1895) Adventure / Romance

R: *****

Plot bullets

A doctor is kidnapped and taken to an island in the South Seas.
He is to attend the daughter of the island's owner/dictator. He falls in love with her.
The creator of the island/city/country, has populated it with political prisoners and those criminals he thought treated unfairly in foreign jails..
His ideas may be noble, but his will is iron.
The island's secret is betrayed and it is at war with several nations.
The island is thought to be impregnable. That concept and much more will be tested.

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