The Mystery of the Green Heart

The Mystery of the Green Heart


(1 Review)
The Mystery of the Green Heart by Max Pemberton





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The Mystery of the Green Heart


(1 Review)
A fairly clever detective story.

Book Excerpt

t a price?"

A further question, put in the dark corners of the diplomatic palaces, suggested the Secret Service and its possibilities.

Would Prince Maurevale be dethroned by spies, or would he first establish his boast that there should be no more war?

These were vital matters, and interested the whole world.

Admitting the ideal to be a fine one, very naturally the diplomatists of Europe refused to accept it. "Maurevale," said they, "must be bought at any price--or if not bought, then treated as an enemy against whom all weapons may be turned."

They filled his house with spies and dogged his steps at every turn.

The great idea became the vulgar theme of secret service agents--and the most blatant of self-seekers.

These, however, plotted and planned to the prince's amusement. No page of tragedy had been written about this affair until the body of Lady Anna Maclain was carried to Highlands Castle, and society heard with awe the story of her death.

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(1910) Mystery/Detective

R: ****

Plot bullets

A woman is found dead in a rowboat.
The Green Heart is missing.
The Green Heart: A Jade Heart on a bracelet she wore.
The murder, if such, has many mysteries. The Green Heart has a mystery of it's own.
Her lover is accused.
A rich and clever man wants to prove differently for his sake and others.

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