Across the Zodiac

Across the Zodiac
The Story of a Wrecked Record


(1 Review)
Across the Zodiac by Percy Greg







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Across the Zodiac
The Story of a Wrecked Record


(1 Review)

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ssippi. I was unable to return before the surrender, and, for reasons into which I need not enter, I believed myself to be marked out by the Federal Government for vengeance. If I had remained within their reach, I might have shared the fate of Wirz and other victims of calumnies which, once put in circulation during the war, their official authors dared not retract at its close. Now I and others, who, if captured in 1865, might probably have been hanged, are neither molested nor even suspected of any other offence than that of fighting, as our opponents fought, for the State to which our allegiance was due. However, I thought it necessary to escape before the final surrender of our forces beyond the Mississippi. I made my way to Mexico, and, like one or two Southern officers of greater distinction than myself, entered the service of the Emperor Maximilian, not as mere soldiers of fortune, but because, knowing better than any but her Southern neighbours knew it the miserable anarchy of Mexico under the Republ

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(1880) Sci-fi (Utopian) / Adventure (Space travel / Martian life) / Romance

R: * * *

Plot bullets

A man reads a diary at his friends death.
It tells of a trip to Mars and his stay on that planet.
Martian science is advanced but it\'s society has some familiar shortcomings..
Some befriend the traveler others fear or envy him.
Getting to Mars may be easier than leaving.

Very detailed accounts of Martian life. As with some of the
Utopian novels, it gets a little tedious with descriptions of social and political life.
The plot, however is good.
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