Human Company

Human Company


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Human Company by Robert Petty







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Human Company


(5 Reviews)
"Bios", women bioengineered from human stock, have settled the marginally inhabitable planet Snowshoe -- but the collapse of a space elevator has plunged their Femdom into a dark age. Gypsy realizes that a long abandoned second elevator, itself near collapse, threatens to destroy the re-emergening civilization. When the bios women oppose his attempt to save the elevator, he recruits a company of outcast human girls into the quest.

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One mechanical swam in the water. Its legs spread straight out and rose and fell like oars as it propelled itself forward.

Tiny tugged at my sleeve and I let her guide me down the ramp towards the lake. At the bottom, she released me and disappeared into an opening in the crater wall. I peered after her, and when my eyes adjusted to the dim light, I saw racks of legs, sensor balls, and other parts for the mechanicals.

"I got batteries," she said when she came out. She had untucked her blouse and pulled the tails into a sack to carry something heavy.

We walked out onto the crater floor past several mechanicals sunning themselves beside the water. They remained motionless as we passed, but I saw their sensor balls turning as they tracked us.

"This is Flasher," Tiny said as we approached a brown mechanical.

Clearly, the name came from the glow of light that slowly rippled under the brown surface of the mechanical. But despite the snappy name, the stir of internal lights, the ge


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This is one of the best stories on this site. The writing, characters, and storyline are all top notch. I applaud the author for creating such a good work with a minimum of foul language.

Given recent changes in the political/sociological sphere, I have to find fault with the exploration of plural marriage. Such a subject has become an affront rather than an interesting sci-fi element.
Very well written. This is a story of role reversal, with woman as the dominating sex and males not quite submissive, but more as a limited resource. The story is told in 1st person from the male perspective. At times, the story made me shake my head at the boy, it also made me think about my own reactions as I placed myself in his shoes. In a word Intriguing.

A very interesting novel with great characters that left me wanting to read more from this yet undiscovered author. The storyline has great potential.
I really liked this post-apocalyptic sci-fi story, and would definately pay to read more from this author. The book is well edited and easy to read, quite a page turner with an interesting adventure and some humour as well. The best is probably the characters who you can get quite attached to.
A fine SF adventure and well written too. The description of the post-industrial society dominated by genetically enhanced females is detailed and frequently funny. The story is addictive yarn, the protagonist a boy with the desire to repair the failed sky elevator. Just what hard SF fans need. Thanks to the author for releasing with a CC license!