The Gates Ajar

The Gates Ajar


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The Gates Ajar by Elizabeth Stuart Phelps







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The Gates Ajar


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This brief story is full of pathos, genius, and theology. It is what the Germans call "a story with a tendency;" in other words, a story designed to establish and enforce an opinion. But notwithstanding this, it is not without great merit in plot and character. Perhaps the most remarkable feature is the truth and power with which the feelings are portrayed of one who has lost a nearest and dearest friend. The skill with which the doctrine of the story is defended, and the narrowness of extreme Orthodoxy is set forth and illustrated, is admirable in its way, and is at times irresistible. The gentle and human Christian faith and hope, which are everywhere inspired,—a faith and hope which walk firmly in the rough pathway of earthly duty and sacrifice, while yet "the sufferer constantly looks serenely and almost seraphically into the world of spirits—give to the book its crowning grace and its surpassing excellence. The defects which a critical judgment might detect, are lost sight of in the comparison with its manifold excellencies.

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ke them on my lips than I would blasphemy, unless I could speak them honestly,--and that I cannot do. We had better talk of something else now had we not?"

Deacon Quirk looked at me. It struck me that he would look very much so at a Mormon or a Hottentot, and I wondered whether he were going to excommunicate me on the spot.

As soon as he began to speak, however, I saw that he was only bewildered,--honestly bewildered, and honestly shocked: I do not doubt that I had said bewildering and shocking things.

"My friend," he said solemnly, "I shall pray for you and leave you in the hands of God. Your brother, whom He has removed from this earthly life for His own wise--"

"We will not talk any more about Roy, if you please," I interrupted; "he is happy and safe."

"Hem!--I hope so," he replied, moving uneasily in his chair; "I believe he never made a profession of religion, but there is no limit to the mercy of God. It is very unsafe for the young to think that they can rely on a dea

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